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Sourcing Journal Radio is thought leadership brought to life. Each podcast episode provides apparel industry executives with a platform from which to showcase their personalities and share their perspectives on a range of engaging topics, enabling listeners to consider new points of view and plot their next steps.

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    Sustaining Voices Podcast: What Should a Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Look LIke?

    In this episode of the Sustaining Voices podcast, Sourcing Journal reporter Jasmin Malik Chua speaks with Gregory Schlegel, founder of the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium, and Nikki Baird, vice president of retail innovation at Aptos, about how the retail supply chain can adapt to a post-pandemic landscape that will look markedly different from the one that came before.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Adriana Galijasevic

    G-Star RAW's denim and sustainability expert, Adriana Galijasevic, has a wealth of knowledge she wants to share with the industry.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Roian Atwood

    Kontoor Brands senior director of global sustainable business Roian Atwood is somewhat of a wonk for denim sustainability.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Sarah Ahmed

    Warp + Weft founder Sarah Ahmed talks inclusivity and building a direct-to-consumer.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Jason Denham

    Jason Denham, founder of Denham, talks quality, premium jeans and preparing for pandemics.

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