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Sourcing Journal Radio is thought leadership brought to life. Each podcast episode provides apparel industry executives with a platform from which to showcase their personalities and share their perspectives on a range of engaging topics, enabling listeners to consider new points of view and plot their next steps.

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    Sustaining Voices Podcast: What Should a Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Look LIke?

    In this episode of the Sustaining Voices podcast, Sourcing Journal reporter Jasmin Malik Chua speaks with Gregory Schlegel, founder of the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium, and Nikki Baird, vice president of retail innovation at Aptos, about how the retail supply chain can adapt to a post-pandemic landscape that will look markedly different from the one that came before.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Adriana Galijasevic

    G-Star RAW's denim and sustainability expert, Adriana Galijasevic, has a wealth of knowledge she wants to share with the industry.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Roian Atwood

    Kontoor Brands senior director of global sustainable business Roian Atwood is somewhat of a wonk for denim sustainability.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Sarah Ahmed

    Warp + Weft founder Sarah Ahmed talks inclusivity and building a direct-to-consumer.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Jason Denham

    Jason Denham, founder of Denham, talks quality, premium jeans and preparing for pandemics.

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    CPOs on Creating Sustainable Sourcing at Scale

    Sustainability has moved from the sidelines to the center of the conversation but even so, the apparel industry is facing so many headwinds, it’s fair to wonder how and if the C-suite can and will prioritize true change in this area.

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    Developing a Sustainable Mindset

    Advancing sustainability is more than just installing new tech or even fixing legacy production processes. Lena Lim of Browzwear discusses how sustainability is really a holistic mindset companies must adopt throughout their entire operations—starting with the very top of the C Suite.

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    Sourcing in an Uncertain Geopolitical Landscape

    For the past year, the apparel and footwear industries have been on edge as tranche after tranche of tariffs have been placed on goods coming out of China. And while our industries had largely been spared, consumers are likely to feel the full brunt of the impact starting with Spring ’20 goods. In response to the uncertainty and hit to the bottom line, brands and retailers have been searching for production alternatives around the globe. And while many are trying out new destinations, most would agree that nowhere compares to China.

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    Blockchain Explained: How TextileGenesis Wants to Solve Fiber Authentication

    Blockchain is—finally!—evolving from buzzword to mainstream terminology, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t saddled with confusion.

    In the latest episode of Sourcing Journal Radio, SJ founder and president Edward Hertzman sits down with Amit Guatam of TextileGenesis to learn how the technology can be used to authenticate fibers, which—for as long as clothing has been sold—has been nearly impossible to do.

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    Rivet 50 Radio: Menno van Meurs

    Menno van Meurs, CEO of Tenue de Nîmes, talks about sourcing premium denim and building a sense of community in denim.

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    Stretch, Recover, Repeat with DuPont Sorona

    Whether they’re jumping into a spin class or running to the office, consumers want their clothes to look great, feel even better—and have a positive impact on the planet. Renee Henze of DuPont Industrial Bioscience discusses how DuPont™ Sorona® offers exactly that.

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    Rivet 50: Baris Ozden

    Isko product manager Baris Ozden discusses why the future of sustainability relies on “responsible innovation.”

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    Preparing for the USMCA Trade Agreement

    The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement has several key points that differentiate it from its predecessor—points the textile and apparel industries need to take note of before it comes up for a vote in Congress. It’s just one more moving piece in the ongoing geopolitical changes making international trade more challenging than ever. Suzanne Richer, director of the Trade Advisory Practice for E2Open, discusses the advantages of the trilateral trade agreement as well as the areas that textile and apparel need to be aware of.

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    No More Excuses

    It can be a touchy subject, but this is no time for hurt feelings. The apparel industry simply isn’t doing enough when it comes to climate change.

    In a provocative, no-holds-barred episode of the Sustaining Voices podcast, produced in partnership with Cotton Incorporated, Sourcing Journal publisher Caletha Crawford explores whether our incremental changes are having the impact that’s needed. Joining her are Morton Lehmann, chief sustainability officer for Global Fashion Agenda, and Jeff Wilson, senior business development manager of sustainability for NSF International.

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    Smarter Sourcing

    Where to source and how to source smarter is top of mind for the entire apparel industry right now. With the speed of change and so many competing demands, it can be challenging to weigh the options.

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    Practicing Responsible Sourcing, One Tree at a Time

    More than 150 million trees are logged each year and turned into cellulosic fabric, many from ancient and endangered forests. As a result, irreparable damage is being inflicted upon the roots connecting our world’s facilities. Amanda Carr, director of strategic initiatives at Canopy, and Franco Costantini, managing director at Control Union, discuss the problem and possible solutions.

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    Transparency's Many Upsides

    Transparency has been a hot topic in apparel recently but the industry is still struggling to gain visibility into much of the supply chain—and as a result, it is missing opportunities for improvement. A recent report from the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable outlines the benefits brands and retailers could realize if they truly made transparency a priority.

    Alison Kiehl Friedman, executive director of the ICAR, joins us to discuss what’s holding the industry back, the catalysts for change and the possible rewards.

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    Sourcing Journal Podcast: Tariff Workarounds & Worst-Case Scenarios

    Sourcing Journal founder and president Edward Hertzman talks with AAFA executive VP Stephen Lamar about these pressing uncertainties, as well as the potential implications of President Trump’s upcoming meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping and why China could be benefiting from the trade war in more ways than one.

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    Sustaining Voices Podcast: Funding Sustainability Innovations

    The apparel industry is racing to find more sustainable options for both its inputs and processes. But the reality is, no matter how environmentally friendly these innovations may be, developing them requires investment so the question becomes, who’s financing fashion’s sustainable evolution?

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    A Clear Glass Pipeline: Supply Chain Visibility

    Gary Barraco, Director, Product Marketing and Business Development for Amber Road, a software company dedicated to helping companies improve margins, achieve greater agility and lower risk, discusses the benefits of supply chain visibility when managing costs, elevating quality and navigating trade issues.

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    Rivet 50: Andrew Olah

    Since debuting Kingpins 2004 as a small gallery-like show, Olah Inc. founder Andrew Olah has played host to the global denim supply chain at Kingpins events in New York, Amsterdam and across China.

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    Rivet 50: Amy Leverton

    Denim Dudes founder Amy Leverton on the denim brands and trends to watch in 2019.

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    Nearshoring, Automation & the Future

    Apparel brands are looking for ways to shorten development and production timelines, and nearshoring, aided by automation, could be the answer, according to McKinsey & Company. Karl-Hendrik Magnus, partner at McKinsey and Company discusses the opportunities with Reebok VP of product operations; Erika Swan, Under Armour chief supply chain officer; Colin Browne and Ramesh Fernando, CEO of MAS USA.

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    Rivet 50: Alberto Candiani

    Alberto Candiani, the global manager of Candiani Denim, the famed 80-year-old Italian denim mill, shares how he's pushing his family's business into a new era of sustainability, innovation and transparency.

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    How Apparel Can Deliver the Right Fit Every Time

    In this week’s episode, we discuss the challenges of getting fit right, the consequences when brands and retailers don’t, and how the industry can help consumers find products that work for them.

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    The Making of a Consumer Brand in Today's Climate

    Avani Patel of the Ember Company shares what it takes to launch a new brand in the current consumer climate, how to identify white space in the market and what new companies bring to the retail landscape that many established players can learn from.

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    Source Verified

    This episode focuses on traceability in the cotton supply with David Greenstein of Himatsingka, one the largest cotton wholesalers in the United States, as well as cotton farmer and chairman of the California Cotton Growers Association, Cannon Michael.

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    American Made

    In this week’s episode, we discuss made in the U.S.A. and innovation with Dov Charney, founder of Los Angeles Apparel, and Ram Sareen, CEO of Tukatech, a provider of fashion technology solutions.

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    Innovators & Imitators

    This episode highlights what makes a disruptor a disruptor in a sea of new upstart brands from the perspective of Pano Anthos, founder and managing director of XRC Labs, an innovation accelerator for the next generation of disruptors in the retail and consumer goods sectors.

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    Fact or Fiction

    This episode focuses on the futility of setting sustainability goals without including traceability, how doing good can also be good for the bottom line and the technology that promises to get us there.

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    Cotton Calculations

    This Sourcing Journal podcast episode focuses on the dominant factors impacting cotton supply and demand, how the U.S. stacks up against other cotton growing nations and the advances taking place on the sustainability front.

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    Sole Mates

    How digitizing operations allows for better collaboration and relationship building between brands and retailers and their suppliers

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    Lifting the Fog

    The importance of transparency in the supply chain, how brands and retailers are going about it today and how it relates to other key industry initiatives like sustainability.

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    Instant Gratification

    This episode of Sourcing Journal radio focuses on on-demand manufacturing, how it works, the current capabilities and limitations, and why it’s a necessity today.

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    Data Dilemma

    This episode of Sourcing Journal Radio focuses on data and how apparel and footwear companies can use it from both the product development and allotment side as well as from a marketing and personalization standpoint.

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    Speed Bump

    This Sourcing Journal Radio episode focuses on speed to market and how the industry’s pre-occupation with emulating fast fashion could be doing more damage than good.

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